Banana Republic not giving the customer what it wants, creative director loses her post

The brand Banana Republic has confirmed that it has left the creative director Marissa Webb go , and she will not be replaced. Banana Republic has recently continued to provide deeply disappointing sales, and Gap’s has announcement on Thursday that Webb is a step down from creative director role is related to that.

Webb will remain as a creative consultant, and Gap Inc. will be retaining its stake in its eponymous brand.

Gap Inc.’s Mix chain will continue to sell Webb’s collection and The Gap will maintain a minority share in Mrs. Webb’s label, Marissa Webb, said Liz Nunan, a company spokeswoman.

While the change with Webb is derived from an inability to provide collections that were successful enough with consumers, a source close to the situation has denied that there were internal tensions between Webb and the management team at Banana . “A creative director, that sort of role, does have a broader touch point,” rather than conform to the spirit of collaboration, said an insider.

In the month of June, the company has blamed a 5% quarterly decline in sales on the poorly designed sweaters. A sweater in particular, called “Tilly,” really fell short, according to the CEO of J. Crew Mickey Drexler. According to Drexler, the company also failed to deliver the “perfect” cardigan and v-neck sweater.

“I’ve been disappointed in the women’s product in Banana Republic,” said another insider, customers are “being clear that it doesn’t fit well. It’s not as versatile or flattering as it should be given the price point.”

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