Twitter backlash as high-end fashion photographer Norbert Baska takes it too far this time

In a possible misguided attempt to raise awareness of the refugee crisis, a Hungarian-american photographer called Norbert Baksashot has carried out a fashion shoot based on theme of refugees fleeing from the war in Syria. The response is not positive.

Norbert Baksa has faced a huge backlash this fashion shoot as it features a model posing as a refugee – in high-end clothing.

Baska, in reference to the current EU migrant crisis, told RFE/RL that he is not going to “to glamorize this clearly bad situation.” He has described his series of photos with the model Monika Jablonczky as a clear example of “art.”

Yet he has been heavily criticized on social media for glamorising the refugee crisis that is currently affecting millions of people fleeing war-torn countries. Twitter users have described the photo series as a “utterly sick.”

Norbert, who is a freelance photographer and has previously shot images for magazines such as Cosmopolitan and FHM, called shoot ‘Der Migrants.’

Addressing his Twitter critics, who suggested that the photo and the theme was bad taste, he insists on the fact that “we did our best to respect people’s faith and conviction and not to cross certain boundaries,” he wrote.

Last week, the Hungarian government started the construction of a 25-foot wire fence around the country, on the border with Croatia, to prevent refugees from entering and going through to the rest of Europe.

Not only this, but, very controversially, the model Jablonczky has her shirt undone showing her bare breasts. This appears disrespectful of the culture that she represents.

Norbert said he has expected an extreme reaction to the shoot, but said he wanted those with strong views to stop and perhaps consider it from another point of view. Baksa decided that the site of violence, is an excellent backdrop for a high-end fashion shoot. He has claimed that his images portray the complexity of the situation, when refugees are shown in the media and said that he wanted to portray the beautiful woman, despite her situation.

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