Donna Karan releases her memoirs: My Journey

Donna Karan has a memoir coming out today: My Journey. The book is chock-full of personal and funny anecdotes, like the time, Barbra Streisand came and insisted to take a sweater that had already been determined to be too flammable. They have since become great friends.

When she wrote her memoirs she didn’t know that she would have to add a different final chapter on her goodbye to her famous label, Seven Easy Pieces. But she says, “that’s how my life happens” – beginning and endings, always at the same time.

The concept behind Seven Easy Pieces was that you can travel with seven pieces which would get you through the day and into the evening. You could match things to suit the day and would not have had to travel with a large wardrobe.

The philosophy behind Seven Easy Pieces was that it was clothing for women who need to be in motion. Clothes need to work all day and all night, and black is better.

Karan says, “I wanted clothes that could go from the minute I got up in the morning to the minute I went to bed at night. I wanted clothes to go through that whole cycle, because I found that I didn’t have time to go home and change. It was like, if I put them all in a suitcase and went off to Europe, what would I pack? So jewelry was an important aspect. And I love black. I never get out of it. Black took me from day into night.”

She adds that, “a scarf is one thing that you can wrap around, you can hide what you want to hide and show what you want to see and it is a bit like your partner in crime.”

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